Pokemon Quest- spice up your game experience 


The Pokemon Company is a trendy studio for their best role-playing games. You can play it easily on your Android and IOS devices. The game has very simple controls and high rated graphics in it. You can also decorate your town with the interesting pokemon items. You have to clear the level of the game with your pokemon buddies.  Set the right goal in the game to find the awesome hidden goodies in the game. It is not easy for the first to play it perfectly but there are many types of tricks are available for you to increase your performance.

Training of the pokemon  

You have to update your pokemon by increasing the levels, but it is not easy for you to train all the pokemon at the same time. You should always pick your favorite and best pokemon for the training because it helps you to make that pokemon stronger.

  • Always try to update the pokemon family of same species. It is good to train more to win more. With the help of trained pokemon family, you can teach many more pokemon quickly.
  • You should choose the best moves for your pokemon because you can’t change it after the final evolution.


The game also gives you free bonuses when the three power stones line up in a row. Every pokemon has the chance to use the three bingo bonuses.

If you don’t have enough money to update the pokemon, then you should use these bonuses to develop the skills and performance.  The bonus helps you in different ways; it helps you to increase the level of attacks and gives you more new attack in it. I think these tips can help you to improve your performance and you become the pokemon master with Pokemon Quest Hack.